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Hartz is a 90 year old pet care brand that was in need of a major update.  Our challenge was to craft an emotionally resonant creative platform to modernize and drive awareness of hartz.


Unconditional 🧡 celebrates the realities of sharing life with pets.  It’s a promise to be there for the good, bad, and ugly. We depend on each other, and our love for one another has no conditions. The core benefit is our lives are made richer by being each other’s companion. Hartz provides the products that enable this relationship to endure with unconditional love.

Unconditional Love  "The Talk - Dog"

Unconditional Love  "All Bees, No Fleas"

Unconditional Love  "The Talk - Cat"

Unconditional Love  "Welcome Wagon"

AGENCY: Cutwater
CCO: Chuck McBride
CD: Scott Padden
Sr. AD: Alexandra Ebright
AD: Lexi Lanzi
Sr. CW: Taylor Smith

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