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Post-acne marks, often times caused by popping pimples, can be just as frustrating as acne itself—lowering self-esteem and increasing stress in the lives of millennial women. So how can we show our consumers that we understand what they are feeling in a way that will cut through the very cluttered skincare category?


Instead of focusing on the beautiful “after” moment, we shined a literal spotlight on realistic pimples, and the relatable behavior of popping them. However, instead of showing the literal pop, we used found and archival explosion footage to create an artistic and whimsical representation of that gross, yet satisfying popping feeling.

AGENCY: Deutsch NY
CCO: Dan Kelleher
ECD: George Decker
ACD AD: Allison Navon
ACD CW: Jessica Lomasson
AD: Alexandra Ebright
CW: Lindsay McParlane


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